Side-by-side rentals

For those looking to really enjoy the back country and wilderness, a Side by Side UTV (RZR) can be the ultimate transportation vehicle.  The greatest thing about RZRs, Mavericks, YXZ, and other Side by Sides is that they allow you to experience the great ride with others. They provide a comfortable ride for 2, 4, or even 6 passengers.  This creates an entirely different experience from an ATV. Side by Side UTVs allow you to talk, laugh, and enjoy being together, while exploring the great outdoors.

Today’s Side by Sides (also referred to as Utility Terrain Vehicles or UTVs or RZRs) offer the convenience and comfort of padded seats, power steering, seat-belts, doors, and roll cage with sport roofs while providing a powerful ride across all sorts of terrain. And best of all, you can cover many miles of trail hauling all sorts of equipment and gear in a single day.

We offer you the chance to see just why RZRs, Mavericks, and other Side by Side UTVs have become so popular with campers, hunters, and families by helping you rent one for your next outdoor excursion. We offer the latest Side by Side models, meaning that you’ll have the latest and greatest in UTV technology at your disposal when you choose to rent from us.