Onsite UTV Rentals Phoenix / Tucson

Off road driving is one of Arizona’s most popular recreational activities, and for so many reasons. At AZ Rentals and More, LLC we rent UTV’s/ATV’s in Phoenix from our onsite Florence location near Box Canyon. Come enjoy comfortable temperatures throughout the year, and mostly sunny days with mild nights. Arizona has the perfect terrain to explore with tons of trails to follow.
UTVs, or Utility Terrain Vehicles, are ideal for the trails here. They differ from traditional ATV or quad rental vehicles because they offer side-by-side seating, including seat belts, and superior protection from rollovers. They are also more stable from their lower center of gravity making renting a UTV a perfect solution for families wanting to explore, but not wanting to compromise their safety. In fact, our Polaris RZR and Maverick X3 UTVs are equipped with everything you need to safely drive on the main trails, which means you can leave right from our location; no need to tow anywhere to start your adventure.
Whether you have younger children or older kids, you can count on the stability of a UTV having all the safety features you want in a vehicle. The majority of the side-by-sides as, opposed to ATVs, come factory equipped with a or roll over protection cage. Our RZRs also come equipped with hard tops, for added protection from the sun. For younger kids, we ask that you follow the same laws as you would in your own vehicle, and always use a car seat of booster within DOT guidelines.
So the next time you are thinking of planning a fun and exciting day for your family, consider renting a UTV and rest assure that you be providing all the adventure your kids crave without sacrificing their safety.